Welcome to my Soulo Journey

Welcome to my Soulo Journey.
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Monday, September 26, 2011

AJC 2011 Itinerary 37 - CHALLENGE

AJC2011- Itinerary 37 - CHALLENGE
As I belatedly realized it was teeny tiny print on that darn label: here is the lowdown on the week that was...
( apologies for my absence on here, but between wasp bite and The Event, wasn't able to get to puter..sigh )

1. Agree to perform a Hand-Fasting for Kathy and Ali who are flying in
All The Way from the UK for This Event. (no pressure, right?)

2. Get bit by yellow jacket Wasp on right hand baby finger, four days Before The Event, watch it swell to twice its size and scratch one precious day of prep from the proceedings.
(Spend some ‘quality’ time at a walk in clinic.)

3. Deal with 2 to 3 daily phone calls from worried hostess over Broom, Ribbons for Broom, and
Altar table setup.

4. Do some ‘horse trading’ with the Weather Gods so it would be Sunny:
ie. You can rain all you want the Night Before, but please please please shine in the afternoon
On The Day! (ps. It worked - see photo for proof)

5. Knot Broom and whip Hand-fasting cords the night before. (why does this phrase sound
so darn familiar? - Good thing I remembered my knots from Girl Guides)

6. Perform Ceremony without too many glitches: ((Vows: check, Hand-fast the Couple: check, The Kiss: check, Jump Broom: check, Pose for photos: check.)

7. Find quiet corner and collapse for an hour before The Dinner.

And So Dear Readers..just How the Heck Was Your Week?

Kits Used:
SBG’s VJS Transcend for Elements and Papers.
Photo of Hand-Fasting Broom and Altar: mine
Order of Ceremony background: mine
Label Font: Antique Type
Order of Ceremony Font: Briosa
· Date: 9/22/2011

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