Welcome to my Soulo Journey

Welcome to my Soulo Journey.
Here is where I share my SoulArt while Caravan'ing through the Desert of the Page to the Oasis of Creativity.
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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

AJC 2011 Itinerary 13: Verb: HOPE


Hope is the thing with feathers
That perches in the soul,
And sings the tune without the words,
And never stops at all.
- Emily Dickinson –
“Hope lies across the sea.”
Through a hole which has gradually been scraped and worn in the Brick Wall of the Years, the view of the Lower Mainland can be seen.
This is where the Diamond Health Care Centre is located and where indeed ‘our hope lies’.
My husband Mr Bear is on the waitlist for a kidney.
We don’t (as a rule) have the Midwest Bluebird of Happiness, (unless it was blown off course on its way to Mexico!) but as a surefire substitute, nothing can beat our Midnight Turquoise Blue Stellar Jay!
Their noisy raucous cries may not strike the ear as melodious, but they can still lift the heart in the morning, as their weighty bodies swing merrily back and forth on my bird feeder attempting to get the Very Last Sunflower Seed that they can reach.
I chose to put Dark Green ribbon ties on the Light Green Button as these two colours are the Colours of Hope for the Organ Donor and Transplant program in Canada.
Credits and Kits:
Seaview Background Paper: AJC11 Beginnings Parcel
Vari-coloured Pink Orange Background paper (representing all the various coloured Ribbons of Hope out there): Dance Like Everyone’s Watching Papers
Green Brick Wall Paper: Dance Like Everyone’s Watching Papers
Green Button: AJC11 Parcel13 – Hope
Ribbon tie: AJC 11 Parcel 13 Hope (recoloured dark green by me)
Stellars Jay: c/r free the net
Font: Tangie’s MadHatter (spray painted graffiti’d by me)

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