Welcome to my Soulo Journey

Welcome to my Soulo Journey.
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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

AJC 2011 Itinerary 13: Simply Started: ONCE THERE

AJC 2011 INTINERARY 13 Simply Started: ONCE THERE

“Once there, Sophie discovered that being a Bouncy Weightless camel, not only was FUN, but definitely had its UPS and Downs.” – pg.91 –
- Sophie: First Camel On The Moon - H.G. Wells.

A few weeks ago, a rather large wooden crate was delivered to our door addressed to Sophie in a rather flourishing script. It was from none other than H.G.Wells in England!
With a great deal of crowbar’ing and hammering, we managed to get the crate open and inside, was the most amazing apparatus with this note attached to one of the side panels.
“To Sophie, thank you for sharing tea and scones with me the other day and for being my inspiration! Here is my latest volume, I hope you like it. Use my Time Machine to come visit me again” Sincerely H.G. Wells.

Addendum: I have recently heard that an undiscovered book by H.G. Wells mysteriously appeared in the Library of Congress bookshelves and has caused great consternation among the Archive staff who swore that it was not there yesterday.

Credits and Kits:
Earthrise Photo: NASA
H.G.Wells: c/r free photo
Sophie’s Space Suit: Deviantscrap: SteamTown Detectives
Sophie’s Bubble: Bkerr: Bubble kit
Vintage Book: CU Mzimm
Font: Antique Type

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  1. This is so good it's unbearable. Thank goodness everything is weightless in space!


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