Welcome to my Soulo Journey

Welcome to my Soulo Journey.
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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

AJC 2011 Itinerary 11 Simply Started: I QUICKLY

AJC 2011 INTINERARY 11 Simply Started: I QUICKLY
(after seeing the News) got on the computer and spent most of the day, sending messages and waiting to hear from friends in Japan.
Thank HEAVEN! they were able to get in touch and tell me they were OK.

The Letters across the page, are in text messaging form in order to conserve battery power.
Message reads: Are You Ok? Are You Ok? Are You Ok? Are You There? Are You Safe?
Answer Please Answer Please
Her Japanese friends answer back: We Are Here
Safe We Are Ok
(My friend Dennis in Kyoto sent this to me about his daughter Maya:
Maya was in the area at the time for her work. The worst hit place was Sendai, and Maya was about 150 kilometres away. Where she was the magnitude would have been between 6 & 7. She was also inland so was away from any tsunami areas.
When we tried to reach her by cellphone it was almost impossible. Emails would go one way but couldn't be returned, with phone calls the lines were busy. We were able to connect only sporadically for the first 4-5 hours.)
This page is dedicated to those still waiting to hear - may it be good news and may it be soon!
Credits and Kits:
Lady looking out to sea: Tangie's Timeless Masters Kits (altered by me)
Great Wave at Kanagawa (woodblock by Hokusai - 1829)
Background Lined Paper: AJC11 Parcel: Beginning
Iphone image: c/r the net
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  1. How traumatic to have friends in Japan right now. I wish we could send our camels over there to help out!


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