Welcome to my Soulo Journey

Welcome to my Soulo Journey.
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Friday, March 25, 2011

March Adventure Quest: 4WARDS: Wk 5:Trust In The Magic

March Adventure Quest: 4WARDS: Wk 5:Trust In The Magic
Hildegard of Bingen called it Viriditas or the Green Flame of Life and the best example we have right now can be seen locally in the Osoberry or Wild Plum bush.
Her green leaves do seem to ‘flicker’ from behind the Douglas Firs, branching out to reach the Sun, while shyly presenting to wanderers by, a multitude of dangling white blossom pendants.
Spring to me, is a Magical and Miraculous Season, when after a harsh winter, Life returns to the land once more, and Surprises you with new shoots on supposedly dead branches of the Rose bushes!
To celebrate this Event, The Magician of Spring is wearing crocii, hyacinth and primroses on his turban, all flowers which bloomed right on the dot – the First Day of Spring.
Most Magicians have a deck of cards, so I chose to give this one a deck made from the photo of a recent walk through the nearby Forest and in them you can see the Osoberry bush and her companion the Douglas Fir.
Credits and Kits:
Red Velvet Background Paper: AJC11 Beginnings
Font: Tangie’s Duchess
Magician’s Globe: Bubble c/o BKerr Bubble kit
Photos of Forest and Flowers: mine
Magician: Dover c/r free (altered by me)
Little Girl Fairy: Dover c/r free (altered by me)
9 Card Picture Frame: DSA2 frame
Sophie (hiding as usual ..sigh..somewhere)


  1. That's one interesting magician! At first I thought Hildegard had a few issues.

  2. Thank you for this lovely post and layout of your Magical Spring, Dear Lady North! I am so envious of your environ-ment... all that green!
    Here in WA, it is the start of Autumn ... but still no green, and no rain, either. I may try to get a few herbs growing.
    Life has to sprout somewhere, now, doesn't it?
    cheers !
    Ramona sending you magical blessings from down under


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