Welcome to my Soulo Journey

Welcome to my Soulo Journey.
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Sunday, February 27, 2011

AJC 2011 Adventure Quest: February: Adjectives: Week 4 - S-Z

AJC 2011 Adventure Quest: Week 4 - S-Z

Sophie was rather sulky knowing that this would be the last trip (for a while at least!) to the little Cottage At The Edge of the Forest.
She had become quite fond of the Wise Woman Who Was Never Wrong and her spongecake too!
But the Caravan was moving on and so we must as well.
And so it was one last lay of the cards on her hand quilted tablecloth, one cup of tea, one more spongecake (this time it was raspberry with chocolate icing!) then we said our fond goodbyes.
Knowing we were sad to leave her, she said to us, “Perhaps it will help if you read the sign above the door on your way out.”
(I swear it wasn’t there last week)
The sign said: “Life can only be understood backwards, but it must be lived forward. “
(Soren Kierkegaard)
How wise.

Credits: S. Kierkegaard quote: Thanks to a fellow caravaner who inspired me to add this to my spread this week..please let me know who you are so I can give credit - I Cant Find You..sorry)

Kit Credits as always to Tangie Baxter for her AJC11 Parcels and the new QOC4 kit papers, and her Tribalations Mad Hatter Font!
Bolded: Apple Boy BTN
Photos: mine
Sophie’s comments; Her own as always.

19S – The SECRETIVE heart of the Shell lay open, brought in, caressed and then left by the SALTY hand of the Sea.
Sophie: I had great fun at the beach!

20T – These simply TREMENDOUS and very TASTEFUL LadyBug Boots worn by a little girl, made me wish I had a pair!
Sophie: I see 2 New Pair in my Future!

21U - After a very cold snow-threatening day (UNUSUAL for us!) A totally UNEXPECTED gift – a Glorious Sunset!
Sophie: Never mind the Sunset, Where’s Dinner?

22V – VIOLET is her colour and VIOLET is her name. VIGOUROUS despite the fractious Spring, her subtle scent is enchanting.
Sophie: I Know , I KnOw! I mustn’t eat these!

23W – Today WHITE has overtaken Green! Staying WARM during this WEIRD and WACKY weather is Priority Number One!
Sophie: Where are my Winter Woolies?

24 X - This XANTRIC slime mold is very XYLOPHILOUS (subsists on rotting logs) and is a highly valued member of our eco-system.
Sophie: Yuck! This is something I will NoT EaT!

25Y – While on this YEAR-LONG Journey, Sophie
was told by another Caravaner that “ YODELING keeps you YOUTHFUL.”
Thanks to whoever – I feel it is going to be a Looooonnng Year!
Sophie: (trying her best to yodel) YO Day Lay HEE HOOoooo!

26Z – Despite the ZANY weather (Snow in Victoria?) Ms P, Mr Bear and I had a great time visiting the Scrapbookers Con and Fabric Craft Show! We were ZONKED when we got home, but what a ZIPPY way to end a month of Weeks That Were!
Sophie: That was fun, what’s next? Another Spongecake?

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  1. Not fair! You finished all the letters! What a beautiful collection. Sophie and you should be proud! I'm going to have to keep plodding along. I think I'm up to letter K.


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