Welcome to my Soulo Journey

Welcome to my Soulo Journey.
Here is where I share my SoulArt while Caravan'ing through the Desert of the Page to the Oasis of Creativity.
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Thursday, November 10, 2011

AJC 2011 - Itinerary 42 - Find

AJC2011 Itinerary 42 – Find
AJC2011 Itinerary 42 – Find
Downstairs in the library, a lot of thumping and ‘be careful Sophie!’s’ was heard echoing up the stairwell.
Coffee cup in hand (I have learned never to venture forth down there without that helpful Bean), I found that Sophie and Kevin had managed to drag out an old trunk full of books and forgotten treasures.
When I asked what was going on, they replied that they had heard me muttering the other day that I had ‘lost my creativity and inspiration’ and being the helpful creatures that they are, endeavoured to help me find it. Sophie had even put on her special ‘finderskeepers’ specs (though she thinks they are a bit ugly) to help in the search and Kevin had unearthed a cricket (luckily it was metal and therefore not edible!)
And as for helping me find the missing juju, they did!
Credits and Kits:
Lori Davison: The PoetsKeepsakes
- openheart1.png
- bug1.png
Mzimm: CU Vintage Books
Trunk photo: mine
· Date: 10/26/2011

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  1. How exciting! It's especially cool that Sophie and Kevin were there to share the experience.


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