Welcome to my Soulo Journey

Welcome to my Soulo Journey.
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Thursday, July 7, 2011

AJC 2011 Itinerary 27: We OBSERVEd and Celebrated 2 Great Dates!

AJC 2011 Itinerary 27: We OBSERVed and Celebrated 2 Great Dates!
My good friend Felicity not only celebrates her Birthday on July 4th, (As a Canadian, I’m sure she was ribbed about that date a lot in school); she also chose to be married on that date as well! As she puts it, ‘it was the best birthday present her husband could give her!’ and I suspect a date he would be hard pressed to forget!
Coupled with the July 1st Canada Day celebration, it makes for a nice long weekend and a terrific excuse for Good Party!
Happy 2nd Anni-Birthary! to my dear friend Felicity and husband Ken.
Hugs from Sophie, me and Mr. Bear.

Credits and Kits:
Hanging Rope Picture Frame: AJC11 Parcel 27
Background Red Paper: AJC Parcel 03
Sparkler Photo: mine © LadyNorth July 4 2011
Font: Antique Type

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  1. I'm still worn out from seeing/reading about all this celebrating at Scrap Artist!


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