Welcome to my Soulo Journey

Welcome to my Soulo Journey.
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Sunday, February 20, 2011

AJC 2011 Adventure Quest: February: Adjective Week 3 - M-R

AJC 2011 Adventure Quest: Adjective Week 3 - M-R

There Goes That Valentine Week That Was.
I am still finding chocolate wrappers scattered about in Sophie’s room and an empty heart shaped chocolate box. Hmm..so that’s where they went.
Sophie once more took me to see that Wise Woman who is Never Wrong ( I think she just wanted to show off her new Spring Outfit, especially the Tilley Hat!) and wouldn’t you know it! She had baked a heart shaped chocolate angel food cake for us.
I had one cup of tea and that was how long it took Sophie to skoffle it down..

Here are the Cards for the Week
Credits as always to Tangie Baxte for her AJC Parcels and the new QOC4 kit papers, and her Tribalations Mad Hatter Font!
Background photos: mine

13M - I am MARRIED to a MARVELLOUS man who makes a dozen red roses MAGIC-ally appear the Day Before Valentines!

14N – Ms D our Neighbour-Cousin rang our doorbell and dropped off these Valentine Brownies! What a NICE and NEIGHBOURLY thing to do !

15O – Despite the rain and storm outside the window, my pink tulip remains OPEN so that we may enjoy her colour and scent.

16P – 21st C. PARENTING
1 - Laptop (check)
2 – Able to type with the right hand (check)
3 – Rock baby with left hand (check)
4 – Starbucks coffee and cell within reach. (check)

17Q- This QUIRKY Bluejay loves to feed my QUIZZICAL Quail who
are QUICK to take advantage of his largesse!

18R – ROMANTIC and REFLECTIVE vintage roses.
Memories of a Love Lost and Found.


  1. Always be careful of brownies left on your front door! You don't know what was baked in them. It might be fun to find out, though. :O)

  2. LOL@Bill!!! This was such a wonderful page.


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